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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Organics Studio - Edgar Allan Poe Raven Ink

I really want to love this ink. It's perfect for writing fic for the show I'm writing fic for right now. It's a lovely red colour. It has everything going for it, except I think I must have a bad batch.

When I fill a fresh pen with it, it works wonderfully. It writes smoothly, it has a rich colour, it has shading... But if I let that pen sit for a day - sometimes even if I let it sit for an hour or so, it seems to start drying up in the nib. After that I might be able to get it to write again, but it's scratchy and dry and the colour is just not the same, and I end up having to clean the whole pen and refill to get it to behave again.

And the pen (a Lamy Vista) I left at home while we were away on vacation ended up with the ink semi-congealed in the converter...

I haven't noted any SITB (stuff/slime/sh*t in the bottle), but there must be pigment settling, or something. Others who have used the same ink seem to have no trouble with it, so I do suspect it's just a bad batch, but it's very disappointing because I wanted to love this ink so much.

This was what it looked like trying to restart after the pen sat for a few days.

This is the Lamy Vista mentioned above... (Regarding the first picture, it stayed like that no matter how long I held it upright. It did wash out easily, though, so it wasn't solid.)

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