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Monday, July 18, 2011

I love writing!

I love writing, both the act of creating something with words, and the actual act of putting pen to paper and making those words real. These days, I do a lot of my writing on the computer because it's easier, faster, etc., but every now and then I just have to do it by hand. And for that, one needs pens. Pretty, shiny, non-skipping pens.

As a leftie, it's kind of hard to find those because of the actual motions we make as we write. Pens, on the whole, are crafted to be pulled across the paper the way righties do; not pushed, the way we of the sinister hand do. For obvious reasons, fountain pens cause the most problems with this, but even some roller ball and ball point pens can be problematic.

However, I've discovered some wonderful round-nibbed fountain pens and higher-end liquid ink roller ball pens that work very well for me. Turns out all I have to do is buy Japanese or Korean ones! It's a shame that US manufacturers can't produce pens -- inexpensive pens! -- of the quality that the Japanese and Koreans do, but I suppose they've perfected the art of pen-making because they have to write all of those complex kanji characters in small spaces, and need pens that won't turn it into a blobby mess.

I'm not going to complain -- they make 'em in some of my favourite colours, too. :D

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  1. I also do most of my writing on the computer these days, but I love writing by hand as well. Often I begin writing first drafts of things such as blog posts with a pen in my notebook just because that can sometimes help my ideas to flow out onto the page better than typing on the computer does.

    And I agree as well that it certainly is a shame that more good pens are not readily available in North American stores. I look forward to reading more of your posts on pens in the future, and good luck with your new blog!