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Monday, August 1, 2011

A plethora of Pilot Petit 1 cartridges

In my last post, I mentioned that I did a bit of panic-buying when I thought that the Petit 1 was being discontinued. None of the locations I tried had any purple cartridges left, but they did have a number of other colours...

I had already collected a number from my various Jet Pens orders, but I also bought a whole lot from MaiDo Stationery (they still have some, including the possibly-discontinued dark green):

I love the Japanese packaging - those nifty plastic bags with the reusable sticky closure. As a long-time anime fan, I'm very familiar with them, and was amused to find them here, too. All my little plastic capsules full of cartridges (3 per little capsule), packed in a Japanese plastic bag. Here's another picture, where you can see some of the labels, sort of. You can at least see some of the colour families:

However, those cute little plastic capsules are terrible on storage - they just take up too much room with too few cartridges inside them. So, since I had a number of small ziploc baggies from other purchases, I took all of the cartridges out of the capsules, and put them into baggies by colour. To be able to tell which ones are what, I peeled the little plastic labels off the capsules, and stuck them on the baggies (since I can read Katakana, it was easier to just use the original labels than write on each one or make my own labels.)

Whew! Should last me a bit before I have to buy any more...

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